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Vintage Rope Loft Photo
The Rope Loft (middle left) circa 1920.
The historic Rope Loft, known locally as the Old Wharf, is one of the oldest buildings still in commercial use in Nova Scotia, we are over 200 years old. In its time the solid oak building has seen fish, coal, grain and rum; privateers and pleasure craft, honest trading schooners & perhaps some landings unrecorded in local customs house.

The building was constructed using the remnants of the famed privateer ship "Teaser", which burned and sank in the waters of Mahone Bay. With loving care the hand -hewn beams have been spruced up, both inside and out, leaving the old character of the building unchanged.

Below we have included some photos we thought would be of interest. You can click on any of the photos on this page to see a larger, more detailed image.

The Rope Loft in the 60's This is a photo of the Rope Loft in the late 1960's, then owned by Aubrey Evans. The business then offered fuel, boat rentals and army surplus items.
The Candy Apple During the Storm of 76 These next photos show the 90 foot schooner Candy Apple during and after the Ground Hog Day Storm of 1976. Winds of 100 mph were recorded during the storm.
The Candy Apple After the Storm of 76 This photo was taken from the Government Wharf the day after the storm. The Rope Loft, then still owned by Aubrey Evans, can be seen in the background.